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What is The Model Factory? 📸

We are a Los Angeles based Modeling school. The Model Factory is here to teach students how to overcome life’s obstacles through learning to embrace and develop their individuality and uniqueness in order to create their own success and happiness.

The Model Factory is a family based company that is committed to making a positive difference in student’s lives in our communities. At The Model Factory our goal is not only to teach the skills to become a professional model, but more importantly assist students in learning good decision making skills and interpersonal tools that can be used throughout life and be a basis for success in any career path. The Model Factory is designed to give students the tools they need to find out who they are and where they want to go in life. Great emphasis is placed on developing their self-worth, confidence and satisfaction in oneself.

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Can you envision yourself on the cover of the Worlds leading Fashion Magazines, TV commercials & TV Shows?

Would you like to walk the catwalk like Naomi Campbell?

Can you be the face ambassador of famous fashion & product brands?

Are you frustrated that your previous efforts to breaking into the industry has floundered or has you paralyzed?

Are you frustrated that your previous efforts to breaking into the industry has floundered or has you paralyzed?

Perhaps you are unclear what next steps are the ‘right steps’ to get you through, round and over the next growth pains to achieve success?

If you answered Yes, then we’re here to help.

Let The Model Factory by StaTeena jump-start your career in this wonderful, unique, glamorous world of modeling.



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“The Model Factory by Monique Stateena has been an integral part of my modeling career. Monique provides helpful guidance in an industry that can seem confusing and intimidating. This advice covers everything new models need to know to be prepared, such as how to do your hair and what to wear to castings, what to bring to photoshoots (I can’t remember how many times I’ve been thanked for being prepared and professional because of listening to Monique’s pointers!) to how to get your body into its best shape in order to present your best self. Classes are focused on guided practice on posing for photoshoots and walking for various kinds of runway shows to better prepare students for auditions and for work. Monique will always tell you what you need to hear in order to improve your performance, and will prepare you for feedback from agencies. The Model Factory is not only helpful in advising new models on outward appearances, but Monique also focuses in cultivating inner self-confidence in modeling and in day to day life, helping you take pride in your uniqueness. After working with Monique, I started to feel much less self-conscious and more secure in who I am as a model, and my work has significantly improved from working with her.

What separates The Model Factory from other modeling schools is Monique’s unshakable belief in the potential of each of her students, even when they don’t believe in themselves. Monique will be your biggest support in an industry that can be cut-throat and discouraging, cheering your successes and gently showing how you can improve on setbacks. Monique herself is an inspiring example of self-made success and determination, pushing through adversity and hardship to make it in a challenging industry. By following Monique’s , you too can take your modeling career as far as you can dream to. Thanks to Monique’s instruction, I’m currently modeling overseas, and I never would have made it this far without her. I’m so thankful that I studied with her, and I can’t wait to see what happens next for The Model Factory! ”

Michelle Morley